Our Voice

# Innovation with a Legacy

Guidelines for GPC Content

GPC is a fun, but hard-working corporate environment.  A core element of our branding, our voice should immediately convey what makes GPC unique and be consistently applied in writing across all touchpoints to convey the best of our brand personality. We are proud of what we say and produce for our retailers and consumers, but we stay down-to-earth and professional. We’re surprisingly and refreshingly upbeat. We look, sound, and feel like a trusted friend.

Professional, Approachable, and Kind

We’re proud of what we say, but we are professional first, and stay down-to-earth.  We are strong, innovative, and our attitude is more irreverent, our brand voice and colors have been selected to enhance our products and their individual brand personalities.


We’re refreshingly unfussy. Premium but not pretentious.


We look, sound, and feel like a trusted friend.

Our Story

Innovation With A Legacy

  • We are proud of our commitment to progress and forward-thinking while honoring our Pepsi Generation legacy.
  • With a culture of hard work, we strive to be a pillar of our communities, creating opportunities for growth.
  • Through our actions and refreshing products, we bring joy to peoples lives.


Who We Are

Hard Work

We believe kindness, hard work, teamwork, and collaboration are the ingredients to success.

Value & Respect

We know that every individual on our team has a unique set of skills and experiences, and we value and respect each person’s contribution.

Power of Kindness

We believe in the power of kindness and the impact it can have on our business partnerships, our employees, our local communities, and the world as a whole.

Culture of Kindness

We strive to create a culture of kindness within our company and extend that kindness to our customers and the wider community.